Krista Hopkins Homes Launch Program
What’s in store for you when you join our team:

Sales Training, Mentorship and Accountability, Database Training with our CRM, and a dedicated staff, including our Director of Operations, Transaction Coordinator, and Marketing Director.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to sell homes like a pro and become a successful REALTOR®. Sign up for our Launch Program and kickstart your real estate career with us!

“Although I’d been in real estate for almost two years already, Launch taught me so much. I learned how to reach out and connect with people I know about real estate. I also discovered how important it is to set up appointments. Because of Launch, I am more on top of connecting with people. I have time to do what I really love – talking to people I care about – because I have so much support. I now have a marketing director and transaction coordinator to do all the time consuming things which prevented me from really connecting with my clients before.

Because of Launch I now have three home sales pending!

The biggest benefit of Launch is the sense of confidence it’s given me! A couple of people have even told me I appear more confident and knowledgeable after going through this course.”

Mikayla Stevens / Launch Graduate

“Launch taught me how to organize my time and invest my time in the right activities to be successful. The beauty of Launch for me is that it gave me a truly realistic picture of what it is like to be a Realtor. I was comfortable working as a stylist for 30 years so it was scary for me to take this leap of faith into real estate. I wanted a bigger and better future for my son and Krista and Alessandra helped me figure out how to start this new career. I was able to sell a house within just a few weeks of getting my real estate license. What I learned from Launch and joining the team made that happen. I’m so glad I took the leap of faith.”

Ngaouchay Green / Launch Graduate
“Joining the Launch program at Krista Hopkins Homes has been a transformative experience. The program boosts your confidence by teaching you the basics of the job. I learned how to organize open houses and engage with buyers and sellers effectively. Launch gave me a deeper understanding of the Krista Hopkins Homes team’s values: authenticity, integrity, and dedication to clients, and equips agents with the knowledge and confidence to excel in real estate while embracing the values of our remarkable team.”
Amy Hubbard / Launch Graduate