Local Business Spotlight: Wine Social in Richland

Welcome to Wine Social! In a recent interview with Marc Newman, owner of Wine Social in Richland, we gained insights into the thriving micro pocket of economic development in the Tri-Cities and the international world of wine that he brings to our local area.

The Micro Pocket of Richland: A Unique Wine Destination

Marc describes Richland, particularly the Parkway area, as an explosive and thriving micro pocket of economic development in the Tri-Cities. Having been in the wine business for over two decades, Marc moved from New York to Richland almost eight years ago, drawn by the region’s potential. He emphasizes Washington’s ability to produce bold and powerful wines while infusing them with elegance, sophistication, and a European style that sets them apart.

International Influence on Local Wines

Acknowledging the global nature of the wine industry, Marc sees Washington as a beautiful melting pot of international varietals. Immigrants planted the grapes that now thrive in the region, creating a unique blend of expressions. Marc views it as a privilege to bring his international experience and relationships to the local community, offering a diverse selection that complements Washington wines.

A Platform for Discovery: Wine Social’s Unique Approach

At Wine Social, Marc and his team are not just enthusiastic about wine; they are dedicated to providing an experience. The establishment serves as an extension of local tasting rooms and a platform for discovering expressions of Washington wines produced globally. With weekly visits from wine makers, a rich calendar of events, and a robust non-alcoholic program, Wine Social invites guests to explore and savor the diverse world of beverages.

Meeting People Where They Are: The Art of Hospitality

One standout feature of Wine Social is its welcoming and unpretentious atmosphere. Marc and his staff meet people where they are on their wine-drinking journey, ensuring a warm and inclusive experience. Despite the elegant setting, there’s no snobbery; instead, there’s a genuine desire to connect people with the stories behind the beverages they enjoy.

Beyond Wine: Culinary Offerings and Cultural Experiences

In addition to a curated selection of wines and handcrafted cocktails, Wine Social offers a charming food menu. While not aiming to be a 12-course dinner destination, they provide artisanal pizzas, homemade spreads, and imported meats and cheeses. The establishment also boasts a rich calendar of experiences, including live music, entertainment, comedy nights, chef series, and a vibrant theater program.

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Unreasonable Hospitality: Bringing Color to Service

Inspired by the idea that hospitality is color while service is black and white, Marc aims to create an environment where guests feel seen, heard, and understood. It’s about more than just bringing people what they ask for; it’s about making them feel a certain way—an ethos that permeates every aspect of Wine Social.

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In conclusion, Wine Social is not just a place to enjoy a glass of wine; it’s a destination for exploration, connection, and cultural experiences. Marc Newman’s vision has turned Wine Social into a hub where the global and local converge, offering a unique and vibrant space in the heart of Richland. So, the next time you’re in the area, stop by Wine Social and let the journey begin. Cheers!