Tri-Cities Bike Trails

Bike Trails in Tri-Cities

Are you looking for bike trails in Tri-Cities, Washington? In this blog, our team will take you on a ride through Tri-Cities by sharing our community’s favorite local rides, recommended by the Benton-Franklin Council of Governments, that span across Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, and Benton City. So, grab your helmet, saddle up, and get ready to pedal your way through the Tri-Cities.

Map of Tri-cities Favorite Bike Trails

Map Credit: Benton-Franklin Council of Governments

 Sacagawea Heritage Trail Loop 

19 or 24 Mile Loop

The Sacagawea Heritage Trail is a 23-mile loop that runs alongside the Columbia River through Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, offering an ideal route for cyclists. With minimal elevation change, it’s a perfect biking experience. The trail seamlessly connects both sides using three highway bridges, all featuring dedicated paths for non-motorized travel. Cyclists can easily access the trail from various points in the Tri-Cities, including Columbia Marina Park, Bateman Island, Chiawana Park, and Sacagawea State Park.

 Richland Bike Tour 

12 miles

Start your biking adventure at Howard Amon Park, located at the east end of Lee Boulevard. Begin by heading north through the park and onto the scenic riverside bike path. Continue your ride northward, passing through Leslie Groves Park until you reach Ferry Road. From there, pedal west on Ferry Road until you arrive at Harris Avenue. Take a right onto Harris Avenue and head north until you reach Sprout Road. Make a right onto Sprout Street and reconnect with the path along the riverbank. Follow the path northward for about 2 miles until you reach the Hanford 300 Area. Then, retrace your route to return to Howard Amon Park, enjoying the picturesque journey in reverse.

 Chiawana Park Loop Bike 

9 miles

Ride eastward along the bike path that runs alongside the Columbia River levee until you reach the trailhead near Road 39 and Riverhaven Street. From there, head west on Riverhaven Street until you reach Road 44. Follow Road 44 north until you reach Livingston, where you’ll make a left turn and continue west until you reach Road 48. Turn right onto Road 48 and follow it until you reach Argent Road. Upon reaching Argent Road, turn left and continue along Argent until you reach Road 88. Make a left turn onto Road 88 and proceed south until you arrive at the main entrance to Chiawana Park.

 State Patrol Trails 

The State Patrol Trails, situated in Kennewick, offer a diverse network of interconnecting trails primarily designed for mountain biking enthusiasts. With a total of thirteen trails to explore, they cater to a wide range of skill levels. While the majority of these trails fall into the easy to moderate difficulty range, two stand out as more challenging options: Slime and Fred & John’s, rated as difficult and moderately difficult, respectively. The trails are characterized by packed dirt terrain, and depending on your chosen route, you can encounter sharp inclines, thrilling dips, mounds, and exhilarating jumps. It’s a playground for mountain biking adventure seekers!

 Badger Mountain Trails 

Badger Mountain Trails, a well-loved hiking destination in the Tri-Cities, offer a diverse range of five trails, each with its own unique blend of difficulty, length, and incline, catering to various preferences. On average, these trails fall into the moderate category. Among them, the Canyon Trail stands out as the most popular and steepest, featuring an average grade of 15%. The trails are primarily surfaced with packed dirt and gravel, making them also accessible for trail runners and mountain biking enthusiasts on specific routes. Keep in mind that shade is scarce, so during the summer months, it’s advisable to bring along a hat and appropriate protective gear to shield yourself from the sun.

 Bofer Canyon Climb Trail 

21 miles

Begin your journey by driving south on Union St. in Kennewick, passing by Southridge High School until you reach the Christenson Road exit on SR 395. Please take note that the Christenson Road crossing on SR 395 lacks traffic lights and is not recommended for cyclists. Instead, park your vehicle at the base of Bofer Canyon Road, just east of the freeway exit.

Embark on your ascent by pedaling up Bofer Canyon Road for approximately 2.25 miles until you reach CR (County Road) 397. To continue your climb, follow Bofer Canyon Road all the way to Coffin Road, a distance of about 10.6 miles. The highest point of the climb is reached around the 6.6-mile mark. Upon reaching this peak, make your way back to Christenson Road to complete your journey.

 Chamna Trails 

Nestled within the Chamna Natural Preserve in Richland, the Chamna Trails offer an exciting biking experience. This city park boasts a variety of biking routes, ranging from around one to approximately 11 miles in length. These trails run alongside the Yakima River, making them ideal for family rides with young cyclists who should be supervised closely. With minimal to no elevation gain, these bike paths wind through thickets and high bushes, providing a dynamic ride. The terrain varies, with packed dirt surfaces mixed with wood and bark chips in some areas, and crushed stone in others, offering bikers a versatile and enjoyable ride.

 Grosscup Road Loop Trail 

18 miles

This cycling journey commences from the park and ride lot at SR 240/SR 224 (Van Giesen Street) in Richland. Begin by pedaling westward along Van Giesen Street, crossing over the Yakima River and traversing through the heart of West Richland’s downtown area. Upon reaching Grosscup Road, make a right turn. Continue your ride alongside the canal, crossing the Yakima River via the Twin Bridges, until you reach SR 240. Here, take a right turn and follow SR 240 until you reach a stoplight. At the stoplight, make a right turn and continue southward along SR 240.

As you proceed, you’ll eventually arrive at Van Giesen Street. Take a right onto Van Giesen Street and then make another right onto Terminal Drive, which will lead you back to the park and ride lot where your journey began.

 Candy Mountain Trail 

Candy Mountain, a relatively recent addition to the Tri-Cities trail scene, came into being through the dedicated efforts of volunteers led by trailmaster Jim Langdon in 2016. This trail offers a gentle incline, making it an easy choice for most bicyclists. The path consists of packed dirt with a gravel surface, ensuring a comfortable journey. As the Candy Mountain Loop is enclosed by private property, it’s crucial to stay on the designated trail throughout their ascent. Clear signage is posted along the trail, guiding you in the right direction.

 Tapteal Trail 

The Tapteal Trail is an integral part of the developing Tapteal Greenway, a future connected trail system tracing the Yakima River across numerous jurisdictions and spanning approximately 30 miles. At present, this trail interweaves seamlessly with existing trailways, such as the Sacagawea Heritage Trail, Chamna Trails, and W.E. Johnson Park. The terrain along the Tapteal Trail varies, featuring mostly packed dirt or wood chip surfaces, interspersed with occasional stretches of pavement and soft sand. Aside from cyclists, the trail accommodates hikers and equestrians, fostering a diverse and inclusive outdoor experience.

 Yakima River Loop Bike 

45 miles

Embark on an exciting biking journey by starting at Howard Amon Park and riding north along the river pathway. As you reach the end of the pathway at the Hanford 300 Area, make a left onto Kinney Street, followed by a right onto Port of Benton Boulevard. Continue on to Horn Rapids Road, heading west, and then south on Kingsgate Way until it intersects with SR 240. Take a right onto SR 240, continuing past Horn Rapids Dam until you reach the turn-off for SR 225 leading to Benton City. Turn left and bike through Benton City, crossing the Yakima River before turning left onto SR 224.

At the following intersection, stay on course by riding straight ahead onto Kennedy Road, covering a distance of 7.5 miles before making a left onto Duportail Road. Upon reaching Wal-Mart, turn right onto Queensgate Road, cross over I-182, and then make a left onto Columbia Park Trail. Follow this path until you arrive at Windmill Lane, where you’ll turn left once again. Continue your journey to the I-182 bicycle path at the cul-de-sac, and follow it eastward as it crosses the Yakima River and I-182.

Once you’ve reached Aaron Drive at Jadwin Avenue, continue north until you reach Falley. Make a right onto Falley, and as you cross George Washington Way, Falley will transition into Bradley Boulevard. After a short distance on Bradley Boulevard, turn left onto Amon Park Drive, leading you back to Howard Amon Park, completing your invigorating biking loop.

 Columbia Center Mall to Benton City 

27 miles

Depart from Columbia Center, heading west via Gage Boulevard until you reach Keene Road. Take a right (north) onto Keene Road, and continue your journey west into West Richland. Upon reaching West Richland, make a left onto Kennedy Road. Stay on Kennedy Road, covering a distance of 7.5 miles, until you reach SR 225, where you’ll make a right turn. This will take you across the Yakima River, though note that the bridge is narrow and lacks a shoulder, so exercise caution.

Once you’ve crossed into Benton City, begin your return journey by heading south on SR 225. Pass under I-82 and continue south on Weber Canyon Road. Take a left onto Badger Road and follow it as you head toward south Kennewick, passing under I-82 once more. Upon reaching Leslie Road, make a right turn, proceeding north on Leslie. Finally, turn right onto Gage Boulevard to complete your ride and return to Columbia Center.

 Clodfelter Road Loop 

43 miles

Begin your journey from the west side of Columbia Center by taking Gage Boulevard to Leslie Road. Make a left turn onto Leslie Road and follow it for about 2 miles until you reach Clearwater Avenue near I-82. Cross Clearwater Avenue and continue your ride up Leslie Road until you reach Clodfelter Road. Turn right onto Clodfelter Road, and embark on an approximately eight-mile journey into the Horse Heaven Hills.

Once on Clodfelter Road, continue until you reach Plymouth Road, where you’ll make a right turn. Proceed west for 4.5 miles on Plymouth Road until you reach Sellards Road. Take a left onto Sellards Road and continue for 4.5 miles to Travis Road. Upon reaching Travis Road, turn right and ride for 3.7 miles. Then, angle right again onto Weber Canyon Road. Descend down Weber Canyon Road for approximately 5 miles, and when you reach Badger Road, make a right turn.

Follow Badger Road for nearly 13 miles, crossing under I-82, and then make a left onto Leslie Road. Ride north on Leslie Road for about 2 miles, and then make a right onto Gage Boulevard to complete your return journey to Columbia Center. Enjoy your cycling adventure through the scenic route!

Tri-cities Area Bicycle Organizations

Tri-Cities Area Bicycle Organizations

Bike Tri-Cities

Bike Tri-Cities is the cycling advocate for our Community leading the Community in promoting cycling as a safe, healthy, sustainable, and fun form of transportation and recreation.

To view more details on their website, click here.


Chinook Cycling Club 

The Chinook Cycling Club is a diverse group of cyclists with varied interests. Chinook Cycling was originated as a club for cyclists who enjoy the sporting aspects of cycling, including both national level competitive cycling and regional level recreational competition. The founding Chinook Club members were all racers in the United States Cycling Federation (USCF), which is a national level competitive cycling organization. Over the years, the club has grown, and its range of interests has expanded with it. However, we still retain our original focus as a club whose primary activities revolve around the sporting aspects of cycling.

To view more details on their website, click here.


Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop

Wheelhouse, driven by passionate volunteers, uses bikes to make lives better in the Tri-Cities. It’s all about community, and they depend on their generous supporters to fuel their programs, overseen by their dedicated Board of Directors. Their offerings include bike refurbishment, group rides, formal training, and exciting Bike Bonanza events.

Training is at the heart of what they do, aiming to boost self-sufficiency and confidence in using bikes for both eco-friendly transportation and improved mental well-being. They cover bike handling, on-road riding, and mechanic skills, with a focus on women and youth. Join them for in-person or online Learn+Earn-a-Bike opportunities.

Their non-retail bike shop on the CBC Pasco campus is where the magic happens. They refurbish bikes and donate them to those in need, especially for transportation. Their mechanics’ training thrives during volunteer shifts, embodying their collaborative spirit. Wheelhouse, where bicycles transform lives!

To view more details on their website, click here.

Tri-cities Area Bicycle Shops

Tri-Cities Area Bicycle Shops


701 George Washington Way, Richland

To view more details on their website, click here.


Markee’s Cycling Center

4723 West Clearwater Ave., Kennewick

To view more details on their website, click here.


Pedego Electric Bikes Tri-Cities

1084 George Washington Way, Richland

To view more details on their website, click here.


Reborn Bike Shop

1341 George Washington Way, Richland

To view more details on their website, click here.



129 North Ely Street, Kennewick

To view more details on their website, click here.


Scott’s Cycle & Sports

704 South Ely Street, Kennewick

To view more details on their website, click here.


Trek Bicycle Kennewick

3801 S Zintel Way, Kennewick

To view more details on their website, click here.

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