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If you’re looking for a real estate broker with a LOVE of the area, I would LOVE to help you out!

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Rick Busby spent his childhood amidst the heady humidity of rural Georgia, and his early adulthood exploring the landscape of multicultural metropolitan Atlanta. This swirling amalgam of people and experiences led him to study English/Literature at Georgia State University, where his passion for connection to and understanding of the human experience instilled within him a need to fill his life with interconnection—to know, love, and help as many people as he could muster. This led him to a burgeoning career in customer service, where Rick thrived for seven years as a server, bartender, head trainer, and Supervisor within the restaurant world.

A relatively recent Tri-Cities transplant, Rick has fallen in love with the gorgeous diversity of character that pervades this collection of communities and has loved getting to know its lovely and ever-evolving populace. Constantly trying to find new ways to contribute to his community, he views his real estate career as a means of helping the people he loves to find a place to call home and build memories—to find one more piece of the puzzle of contentment. When you choose Rick, you’re choosing integrity, loyalty, passion, and an amazing sense of humor. Let him guide you through the real estate mire, reach that light at the end of the tunnel, and find your little piece of forever.

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“Absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish. Rick helped us through every step of the selling process. He was always available to answer any questions we had, day or night. It was like having our realtor in our own home! He truly went above and beyond. I plan on using him for all our realty needs and I feel comfortable recommending Rick Busby to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!”

Christopher B. / Seller Review

“Rick is a fantastic realtor. He is professional, responsive, humorous, and gave us the best advice and recommendations.

As a buyer in the Tri-Cities’ forever-a-seller’s-market, you’ll want someone you can spend hours and hours walking through strangers’ houses with, and Rick is your guy. He’s knowledgeable and personable. He works with you to narrow down your must-haves and helps you to find what you’re looking for. Once we were under contract, Rick helped us work with the buyer’s agent to get the necessary repairs complete. He stayed on top of all of the paperwork and deadlines so that we didn’t have to.

What could have been a nerve-racking and frustrating experience went really smooth with Rick’s assistance. I would — and have — recommended Rick to my friends in the market for a new home. I know he’ll treat you right!”

Katherine B. / Buyer Review
“Rick was exceptional (and fun!) to work with. He helped guide us through the homebuying process, was incredibly responsive, and spent a lot of time managing the process for us so everything went smoothly. Highly recommend.”
Christian D. / Buyer Review