Buying and Selling in Tri-Cities With Krista Hopkins Homes: A Client Story

Krista Hopkins Homes Home Buyers Puchase Home in Pasco, WA

Krista Hopkins Homes Home Buyers in Pasco Stand in Front of Their New Home

After buying their first home with us a few years ago, Alessandra Dearing’s clients knew that it wasn’t their forever home. Due to their love for animals and ties to the livestock community, they needed a space where they could have a small hobby farm and raise their family. With a tight budget for what they wanted, they looked at so many homes and lost out on multiple offers. It felt like it wasn’t going to happen for them, and they would lose their animals since their neighborhood didn’t allow them. Then, the perfect property came on the market. It needed some TLC but felt like an actual forever home and met every requirement they needed and wanted.

After looking at it, they put in an offer knowing it was a long shot because they still needed to get their current home ready and listed to sell. Despite competing with multiple offers, Alessandra made sure to include some extra negotiating options and exclude some contingencies that made their offer strong, even with the contingency to sell. BAM, the offer was accepted! But then, within 24 hours, their offer was bumped by a non-contingent offer, giving them only 48 hours to list their home, market it, and get it under contract.

Alessandra personally called approximately 200 top realtors in the Tri-Cities area to inform them that this home was officially on the market and needed to sell now, hoping one of them would have a buyer. Sure enough, more than one did, and with multiple offers, they got under contract 47 hours later (one hour before the deadline), locking down their clients’ dream house.

Then after the inspection of their home and negotiating repairs, a contractor took advantage of my clients leaving them worried and stressed. A quick call to the Honey Do Crew saved the day. After several more hurdles, the finish line was in view, but not without a potentially big problem. The plates for their manufactured home had come back incomplete, and there was no way they would close on time. After talking with the selling agent, Alessandra was able to negotiate and get things on track, only closing a day late.

Throughout this process, Katie Gaumer at Q Home Loans and Allie Hibbs at Ticor Title provided exceptional support, ensuring a smooth and timely closing.

When handing over the keys to their new home, even through exhaustion, the excitement overtook them, and they were all able to celebrate this huge win for their family. How cute that the husband carried his wife over the threshold, welcoming them home! This all culminates in 25 years of friendship, love, and trust. Alessandra couldn’t be happier seeing her friends thrive in their dream home.

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